By check:

You can write a check for your donation and give to a departmental representative, or request to have it picked up. Checks can be made out to:

  • University of Notre Dame (Donation will split between the recipients of the drive; no receipt issued)
  • Food Bank of Northern Indiana (Receipt issued by the FBNI)
  • People Gotta Eat (Receipt issued by the United Way of St. Joseph County)

Direct donation:

People Gotta Eat

People Gotta Eat is a group of 12 St. Joseph County food pantries who have banded together under the auspices of St. Joseph County United Way to share resources and raise awareness and funds together.  Having to purchase staples from the food bank, even at a reduced cost, can leave them with little to use for purchasing meat and produce.

I would like to donate to the People Gotta Eat program.

Food Bank of Northern IndianaFood Bank of Northern Indiana

The food bank runs its own food pantry as well as serving as a middleman for the other local food pantries (46 in St. Joseph County and 140 in the greater six-county area), buying food at reduced prices and selling it to the pantries and distributing the donated food. They also run a Fun Pack program that provides children in need with a backpack of food each weekend during the school year.

I would like to donate to the Food Bank of Northern Indiana‚Äôs Fun Pack program.